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Silicone paper /
Silicone masking strips

Due to its non-stick coating, silicone paper is used, for example, to protect sticky surfaces from dirt or accidental sticking.

Classic areas of use for silicone paper are, for example, backings of adhesive tapes, labels or self-adhesive films.


Together with our sister company Bausch Papier, we have an assortment of paper siliconized on one and both sides in stock and manufacture them order-related in the desired formats or rolls.

In particular, we manufacture silicone masking strips - narrow rolls or cross-wound spools from a width of 15 mm to the covering of hot glue bonds on shipping boxes.

The paper used is characterized by excellent flatness, especially when it comes into contact with hot glue, and thus offers very good process stability in the production chain.

We also offer silicone masking strips printed in one or more colors according to your template - also for smaller runs starting at approx. 3,000 m².

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